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Blogger Tips: How to Reduce Shopping while Keeping Up With Trends!

How many times have you caught yourself thinking: OMG! I've got nothing to wear! Once a month? More than once a month? How about - almost every day?! And yet, your closet is actually filled with clothes! :D

A very familiar problem.. Especially for someone who's a fashion maniac, such as myself!

As a blogger, I actually take my clothing very seriously, because I am, in fact, thinking of it as a business!

Well, I actually do tend to see a potential business in almost everything, but let's not go there now..

So, when I go shopping, I always consider how something would work for my blog. The thing is, when you're a blogger, who is really dedicated to the progress of the blog, you need a lot of content. And by content, I mean, look 'new' all the time! And keep up with trends. And yet, stay true to yourself! Not as easy as one would guess..:)

But, let' skip the 'blogger trouble', and get to the point!

Rule Nr.1: Keep your clothes and assessories at plain sight!

A friend of mine, who is also a fashion stylist, once told me that her entire apartment looks like a huge closet. Why? Because she needs to be able to see everything she has available for stylings all the time! And she stated the main two reasons for that. One - this helps her get inspired, and two - this is the only way for her not to forget about things!

The 'walk-in' closet naturally works best here, so if you have that one spare room, just go for it! It doesn't need to be expensive at all, but you do need the space. If you don't have the space, there other options, such as organizing your closet in a smart way, like I did. My closet has three separate spaces, so I keep my bags in the middle space on the shelf that stands right in front of my eyes when I open the closet. I've also found the way to lay them down so I can see each one all the time! The left part of the closet is reserved for the things I wear that season and the right part is for the things I wear less often. The shoes are at the bottom of each part, so I can see them most of the time, too.

And, of course, there is another small closet space for 'things I'll never wear again'.

This leads us to..

Rule Nr.2: There's no such thing as 'ill never wear this again!'

Ok, so we all get bored with wearing something, we feel like something is not 'in' anymore etc. And, of course, we need that room in our closets! I used to give away clothes all the time! So now, when I work on my stylings, I often catch myself thinking: Oh, I wish I still had that fabulous skirt..

So, I learned the hard way! This is why I have a separate closet space with those 'things I'll never wear again'. This space is not as big as my 'main' closet, so I can't organize those things in the way I organized my closet, but I keep myself disciplined and I go trough my 'I'll never wear again' things every once in a while, just so I don't forget them.

And yes, it's the right time for..

Rule Nr.3: Go trough all your stuff as often as you can!

I mean it! As crazy as it sounds, this actually will save you money! :)

Rule Nr.4: Get to know thyself!

When I started my blogging I had trouble finding the right way to express myself. Ok, I still tend to wonder a bit when it comes to stylings, mostly depending on how I feel over a period of time, 'cause my stylings are always a reflection of my inner state. But, since style became a big deal in my life, I said to myself: Who are you Karolina? And the answer was: mostly romantic, a dreamer, someone who prefers to look very ladylike most of the time, but also keep up with the trends. Sometimes rebellious. Always with a cause!

Well, the trends are working fabulously well for me lately, cause ruffles, flowers, embroidery, high waist and a bit of retro, are ideal for a romantic fool! And, when it comes to 'high waist' everything, for my body shape too. Trust me, low rise jeans does not compliment me at all!

There is a little secret that helped me with 'finding myself' in the beginning of all this blogging mania. It was an article I read on Bloglovin. The article was about finding the style that appeals to you the most and the writer advised that you should create a Pinterest board with the stylings you like when you see them. So I did this. You can find this board on my Pinterest profile. It's called: !When I created this board I took a look at all the photos from that season and I realized a few things. 1.I like leather pants. 2. I like leather pants with zippers. 3. I like black, burgundy and grey. 4. I like shoes with leopard print. 4. I like YSL bags. :D 5. The only thing I didn't have in my closet at the moment were the leather pants with zippers and YSL bag. I still don't have the YSL bag.

Rule Nr.5: Trends come and go, but YSL bags don't ! :D

What I mean by this is: don't invest too much money in what's 'in' at the moment! In the past few years trends have been changing faster then ever (due to several reasons, but let's keep this for some other blog post..), so what you see on your favorite high street brand's shelves will probably not be there within the next 2 years. So, if you like trends (who doesn't?!), just keep in mind that you can look very stylish by owning just a few trendy details and combining them with those classy things that stay forever. You know what they are..;)

Rule Nr 6, 7,8,9...100: Keep that smile on your face! <3

ok, I know I just wrote an entire blog post on how not to shop, but just in case you're not convinced: = SALE!!!

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