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Controversial Blogger Shocks Again!

The most influential Croatian tabloid,, brings exclusive photos of a controversial Croatian blogger, A.K.A Axletta Roseta, spotted wearing Emmezeta shopping bag on one of her shopping sprees.

It remains unknown whether this is her response to the Ikea shopping bag mania, which was triggered by Balenciaga's $2,145 'ikea inspired' tote bag, designed by Balenciaga's new 'master mind'- Demna Gvasalia.

The blogger once shared that she considers Gvasalia's work 'fabulously subversive' and she recently wrote a blog post stating that Gvasalia is one of the leaders of what she calls 'The New Renaissance'!

Considering her statements, it would be expected to see her take part of ikea bag mania, but knowing her, sometimes radical behavior, it is actually not a surprise that she would become a part of 'Emmezeta team'! also states that they have tried to contact the blogger for several times, but she continues to remain silent.

An anonymous source told us that the blogger once supposedly said she prefers Emmmezeta bag design, but it still remains a secret whether this is a collaboration between the blogger and Emmezeta, given the fact that their PR team refused to comment!

Some conspiracy theories are even suggesting that the blogger has connections with Sweedish style maffia (check out their IG account here), the notorious organisation whose activities are very speculative. They claim that Axletta is communicating with SSM via instagram by encoding her messages into captions and photos. The most 'suspicious' photos, according to some conspiracy theorists, are the one where the blogger is wearing choker with the word LOVE written backwards and two letters E facing one each other (which is believed to be a part of the message) .The blogger is also pointing to her neck and the caption says 'tell it to my heart'.You can view the photo by clicking here. The other photo that conspiracy theorists find very suspicious is a photo with the blogger is showing her hand partly tucked in her pants, with the caption saying:'everything is yours, only if you want it! 'You can see that photo here. A very detailed text elaborating what is the secret message was published on, but shortly after publishing, it disappeared from the site! concludes that whatever the truth is, they feel very entertained and they can't wait to see what happens next!! :D

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