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Emerging Talents on the Horizon /@FashionVibesMilano

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Change is the only constant', said Heraclitus thousands of years ago - and yet, this sentence has never been more true than now!

With our entire world changing so rapidly and tempo of life speeding up each day, fashion has inevitably become the fast food of our time. One thing we all know about fast food is - there is plenty of it!

Whenever there is plenty of anything, one question imposes: 'Is there room for new?'

With well established luxury brands on one side and highly competitive high street brands on the other, is there room for new fashion brands?

To this 'question of all questions', my answer is YES, as long as the brand knows the answer to another 'question of all questions': Why would someone buy YOUR design? WHY?

There is Dior, Gucci, Prada etc., and then there is Zara, H&M, Mango - you name it! So WHY will someone look at this very dress that YOU design and want to have that exact dress and not Dior, Gucci, Prada or Zara, Mango, Stradivarius..

I know a few new fashion brands that seem to answer that question very well, and so many of them who fail to do so.

When it comes to the brands presented this September at Fashion Vibes in Milan, all I'm going to say is that some of them could have utilized this fabulous opportunity in a much better way than what I have seen, but we all know that there is always so much room for improvement and that is where the magic of creative process becomes so obviously amazing.

To conclude this article, I am once again going to ask the question: 'Is there room for new fashion brands?'. To help you answer this question, I have assembled a gallery of my Fashion Vibes favorites and I will let you find your own answer!

hairsyle @cosmopolitantorino

photos @zazyround, @paolarivarosa

brands: @anna_malakshinova (Sharan) @aristocratkids @elsi_fashion @farrdifashiondesigner @fvcina_luxury @lollypieofficial @milkeclothing @rasena_official @SoFrekan