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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Have you seen Gucci FW2017-18 ready-to-wear? I have..

What has Alessandro Michele been doing in my dreams, remains uncertain, but there must have been some weird stuff going on, 'cause, according to Gucci, this winter is going to look as if I had dreamed it!

With the music chosen so carefully, the atmosphere of the show was such that it was truly hard to separate it from illusion. I had to pinch myself from time to time!

As the models slided so gently down the runway, the only thing that kept the viewer from wondering off into some other dimension, was the element of true excitement as the new bliss of fabulous came to sight.

It's no secret that Gucci has taken that special place in my heart, reserved for pure imagination, the kind of imagination that takes me far away into another world, which could not exist separate from me. Or at least I thought so..

To keep you from further guessing, I am going to reveal that secret world to you.

Be careful!

It might blow you away! ;)

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