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Keep Your Audience Engaged With Email Marketing

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When I started blogging 4 years ago, there were two things I was sure off: 1. I wanted to blog about fashion and 2. I wanted to blog for living.

Starting a blog can be very confusing and it definitely was confusing to me. I had just entered a whole new world full of questions I needed to find the answers for. Luckily for me, there were other bloggers out there who went through the same trouble as I did and they were willing to share the answers to the same questions we all ask ourselves: how do I get people to notice my blog and engage with it?

As I had a chance to learn from others, I am also willing to share what I had learned, because I believe that knowledge should be spread! :)

The obvious answer to the question above is that people need to see your content and that might not be as simple as it sounds. If people don't know about your work, they will not actively search for it, which means you have to deliver it to them in the most simple and effective way.

When I say simple and effective, I'm talking about e-mail marketing, and when it comes to e-mail marketing, my preferred service is Constant Contact.

You may wonder why e-mail marketing and I'm here to help you answer that question!

1.Easy to use.

Yes, it is so easy to keep your blog audience up to date. Once you sing up for Constant Contact, all you need to do is create your mailing list and update it from time to time. Once your mailing list is created, you are just a few minutes away from delivering your amazing blog content to whomever you want to engage with it.

2. Gorgeous templates (that are also easy to use:))

If you are a fashion, beauty, lifestyle (or, you name it, blogger), your audience is likely to be very visual. They probably care a lot about aesthetics and so do you!

With Constant Contact choice of e-mail marketing templates, both you and your audience will be happy.

As I already mentioned above, the templates are very user friendly, so you will not waste that precious time of your blogger life.

3.Grow, grow, grow!

I'm talking about your audience.

Every blogger wants to spread the word about something. Whether you're all about helping people feel better, spreading knowledge about something, talking about French cuisine, or making this world a more stylish place, you want people to see what you have to say or show. Constant Contact is here to help you do that with it's list growth tools.

4.Keep your audience close

Whenever I receive an e-mail from a brand or fellow blogger I get that feeling that it's meant just for me. And in a way it is, because I am the one who subscribed to their mailing list. I may miss their posts on social networks, but I will not miss their e-mail because it is delivered straight to my inbox and I am highly likely to engage with it.

The same happens when you are the one who sends an e-mail to your subscribers. The fact that they had already subscribed to your page means that they are already interested in whatever it is you have to offer and they probably will engage with your content.

5. Increase your traffic

Constant Contact templates make it easy to incorporate direct links to your web site and to your social networks. This makes it easy for your audience to access your blog and engage with your social media content.

This makes e-mail marketing perfect for driving traffic to your blog (and we all want that, right?) and also to your social media. It's like they get 'the whole package'.:)

6.Dress to impress!

Constant contact templates will make your e-mail marketing look professional, which is a huge benefit for brands and bloggers. We all want to look professional and serious about what we do. If your audience perceive you as a professional, they are more likely to not only buy your products and services, but also to remember you and continue showing interest for you, or talk about you and recommend you to a friend.

7.Try it for free!

Now that you all of the cool things about e-mail marketing, you can just give it a try for free with no credit card required. I am talking about a 60-day free trial, which is just enough time to see some real results when it comes to your web site traffic and social engagement.

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11/26 trough 11/28

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*This post is sponsored and I receive sales commission from Constant Contact.