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My Italian Adventures-From Lake Como to Milan

Hello my lovelies!

I've been blessed again! This time by traveling trough beautiful Italy!

My Italian route was Lake Como - Milan. This was my first visit to both. My previous visit to Italy included Lago Maggiore and Verona a few years ago. Back then I already knew that Italy is to become one of my favorite European destinations for several reasons, the most important being that Italians simply pay so much attention to the aesthetics - wherever you look, there is beauty! I completely understand why some say that you may become 'beauty overdosed' when visiting such places!

Luckily, I crave for beauty all the time, so I didn't suffer the 'overdose syndrome'!

When it comes to Lake Como, I came to fully understand why George Clooney chose this place to buy his vacation house. I'm thinking of doing the same! :)

So, if you're thinking about traveling, but haven't decided where to go yet, I kindly recommend Lake Como. Except for it's beautiful nature, there are also so many romantic restaurants and coffee places with gorgeous views, I felt like I'm in some kind of a dream where I'm a very rich girl enjoying my cozy lifestyle..

Yet, the best part of this is that you actually don't have to be rich at all! The prices are very affordable and not much different then in Zagreb ( most of the time even cheaper!).

If you decide to go to Lake Como, I strongly recommend traveling by car, because there are so many beautiful places there to see. It's a very big lake! :)

The additional reason for taking your car ( all you fashionistas - this one is for you!) is that Milan is about 100 km away and, the even better part, there is a high fashion outlet in Chiaso (about 1.5 h by car), where you can find all of your favorite luxury brands at much more affordable prices then usually! I'm going to talk more about this on my vlog and in my future blog posts, 'cause I did some fabulous shopping there.. Can't wait to share it with you! ;)

My last day in Italy was spent in Milan, where I had some blog business to do, but mostly, it was about simply enjoying the day.

The Duomo looks as spectacular as you may have imagined, the coffee is great and not much more expensive then in the center of Zagreb. By the way, all coffee places in Italy have something to munch on, like the famous Italian bruschetti and such, so you'll never be endangered by a sudden hunger attack!

The most beautiful surprise in Milan was the Marchesi 1824 restaurant which offers a great view and even better service. Again, I was surprised when it came to prices. The restaurant looks as luxurious as one can imagine, and yet, the price of our meal, which included a lot of yummy and fabulous looking food, was just a bit more expensive then in any good restaurant in Zagreb! And trust me- this was way more exclusive!

So, by all means, do go to Lake Como and Milan, preferably take your car and if you are a smoker I suggest you take your stash of cigarettes or tobacco with you 'cause I found it very difficult to get those (at least in the towns around Lake Como), because they have some kind of wending machines for cigarettes and you have to own a special card to buy your cigarettes there. You can buy cigarettes and tobacco on gas stations, but they don't work all the time, like in Croatia, and most of them are closed on Sundays and after 8 pm.

Also take money if you're a fashionista like me, cause, trust me, Italy is going to test your character when it comes to not spending to much money! Luxury brands are all around you in Milan!

So guys, I could truly keep on writing about my Italian adventures for hours, but I think really need to stop now and leave some things to your imagination!

If you have any questions about Italy, please don't hesitate to ask me and if you like this post please let me know in comments below, follow me on instagram and like my FB page.

Now scroll down for some more images and my Italian shopping recommendations! <3

When it comes to shopping, my absolute favorites were Gucci bags and Dior shoes, so I prepared my 'favorites' selection for you below, and the best part is that most of these items are available at Net-A-Porter, unless stated otherwise! Have fun! :D

My shopping suggestions:






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