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My Runway Reports | NYFW | My Affair with Philipp Plein!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

When I look at a fashion show, there are three possible outcomes.

1. 'I really like this, the design is great, I could see myself wearing it, etc..'

2. I'm not really into this, it's not my cup of tea..'


3. Heart beat fastens! Excitement rush! Thoughts rushing trough my head as the strike of a lighting! The scream thunder storm inside, begging to be released like a beast trapped in a cage when spotting a pray.

I first encountered Philipp Plein's work more then 10 years ago. It challenged me in so many different ways.. It made me think about so many things, I could have written a novel.

So rarely comes an artist that does this to me!

When Philipp Plein does a show, it's a SHOW indeed. I didn't expect anything less than that. Event though my expectations were high, Philipp Plein's show on NYFW managed to do nr. 3 (as stated above:)) to me.

With opening acts of Teyana Taylor and Dita Von Teese, the Hammerstein Ballroom was ready to explode and cover New York with sparkles! And explode it did, as Adriana Lima walked down the runway snapping her long braided hair like a whip, followed by 33 presentations of true, good camp, which I've been longing to see on a runway for such a long time!

Not only did he master the show part (as always), but in this collection he managed to make us think about so many dimensions of being a woman (or simply being a human, for that matter). The fragile, yet strong, and the submissive and yet dominant at the same time.

If you ask me, this is a true essence of art.. and the best Philipp Plein so far!

This also is the best thing that happened to NYFW this September and one of the best things that happened to fashion in a long time!

Scroll down to see what I'm talking about and check out the entire show on video! :D





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