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The New Russian Renaissance!

It is a commonly known fact that after a period of crisis comes a period of creativity and new ideas.

Lately I have noticed that this new stream of creativity is coming from Russian authors (one of them is actually Goergian!:))

I've been reading about Russian fashion designers and listening to Russian DJs, which is all kinda new to me. We are not used to these things coming from Russia, are we? It's always been Italy, France, England and the US. So, I started to think: 'wow, is this some kind of Russian renaissance!' This idea slowly grew in my mind until it became clear to me that it just might be the dawn of something I call the New (Russian) Renaissance. Time will show if I was right! :)

In this post I decided to present to you those four 'New Renaissance' people (that I really like!): Gosha Rubchinskiy, Demna Gvasalia and DJs Filatov and Karas.

Rubchinskiy was born in Moscow in 1984. and studied at Moscow College of Technology and Design. He started his menswear label in 2008. As stated in Culture Now, 'Rubchinskiy's designs are for a generation of post-Soviet youngsters.'

Gvasalia is a Gergian fashion designer. He studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts is Antwerp and is currently the creative director of Balenciaga and head designer of Vetements.

What Rubchinskiy and Gvasalia have in common (besides their origin) is the fact that they are bending the well established fashion rules and at the same time bringing fashion to where it belongs - the streets! The bonus is that they are doing it in a very cool way too! :)

It's very important for me to mention that I am NOT A FASHION OR MUSIC CRITIC, nor am I writing this text from that point of view (or pretending to do so!). I'm just a fashion and music enthusiast who likes changes and this new stuff coming from cool Russian guys!

So, to continue with some more coolness, let's talk some more Russians. These two guys really know how to make my ears go WOW! Can you guess who they are? Come on, it's really a no-brainer.. In 2015. their remix of 'The Good, The Bad and The Crazy' by Imany took the top position in the iTunes chart and became platinum in Russia. In September 2015. their follow up remix of 'Don't be So Shy' hit Top 50 Shazaam Worldwide. So, if you had any doubts, by now you know - I am presenting Filatov and Karas (and LOOOVING them too! ). These guys are from Moscow and they teamed up in 2012. (sooo glad they did) and have been rocking my world since. Their new single is out right now and if you haven't heard it yet, you should go ahead and do it ASAP, ' cause 'Time Won't Wait!'. Hope you got that hint! :D These guys have really spoiled us when it comes to good vibes!

So I hope that I've convinced you that the 'New Renaissance' is coming from Russia and I can't wait for it to hit Croatia 'cause we certainly need some changes! We need FRESH ideas, we need to bend old rules and, as a very smart person that I happen to know would say - we need to HACK THE SYSTEM! (High five Tea Zakula! :)).

Love you all and let's start something NEW together!

Click on the images to learn more and scroll down to listen to some really GOOD MUSIC! :D

Love U babes! <3