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The Story of Blackpearl

Hello my dear reader!

Today I have a very special opportunity.

I say it's very special because I know how rare the true beauty comes.

When I look for design to present on my blog, I look for something that really appeals to me, something I find impressive in many ways..

..whether it's Gucci's garden of Eden, Plein's flirt with the complex art of being a woman, or Dior's eternal elegance.

If you asked me which of those three is Blackpearl, my answer would be - eternal!

Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to visit Dior.

Among many other things, I was impressed with the feeling of being drawn into Dior's world.

The vibe of their beautiful store was such that I could literally see the entire story behind every piece of clothing standing in front of me..

The story of how much attention is paid to the careful selection of the finest fabric and how much work and dedication is hidden within that beautiful dress or purse.

When I first entered Blackpearl showroom, in the very hart of Zagreb, the feeling was very much alike.

The beautiful place filled with light and that special feeling of serenity..

A place that is in a perfect balance with Blackpearl design and that makes you see how much attention to perfection is incorporated within every single piece of clothing displayed.

The world of Blackpearl is a world of classy elegance interpreted in a modern way, a world that's being built slowly and with much attention.

It's a story that is yet to be told and I believe it's going to be spoken of for many years to come..

PHOTO: @novakviktorija

I'm wearing: Santorini top and Free Flow pants


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